Akai Best Build 2024: Top 1 Global Mobile Legends

Akai Best Build

Updated on Mar 1, 2024, 16:24 p.m. (GMT+8): Added relevant Akai guides.

Akai has many cc skills, deals high damage and creates shields continuously in combat. He often roams to harass enemies in the jungle and support his teammates.

Akai is a melee Tank used in Roam and Jungle with advantages in Guard and Crowd Control. In order for Akai to maximize his power in combat, you need to build suitable items for Akai.

Tier: A

Role: Tank

Damage type: Physical

Battle Points: 32000 | Tickets: 599

Hero Attributes

Movement SPD 260HP 2769
Physical Attack 115Mana422
Magic Power0Attack Speed0.85
Physical Defense 24HP Regen8.4
Magical Defense10Mana Regen2.4

Akai Best Spell



Akai Best Items

Start Items:


Core Items:

Best build:

Spare items:

Akai Best Emblems

Use Tank Emblems for Akai.

Akai Best Emblems
Seasoned Hunter
Concussive Blast

Akai Skill Guide

Passive: Tai Chi
Tai Chi
Skill 1: Headbutt
(Mobility, CC)
Skill 2: Body Slam
Body Slam
Ultimate: Heavy Spin
Heavy Spin

Akai Best Combo

Skill 1 + Skill 3 + Skill 2.

Headbutt + Heavy Spin + Body Slam

Skill 2 + Skill 1 + Skill 3 + Basic Attack.

Body Slam + Headbutt + Heavy Spin + AA

Skill 3 + Skill 1 + Skill 2.

Heavy Spin + Headbutt + Body Slam

Akai’s Skill Order

Skill Order123456789101112131415
Body Slamxxxxxx
Heavy Spinxxx

Extreme Threats With Akai

Ideal Synergies With Akai

Akai often combines well with:

Akai Best Tips

Early game: Akai can go to the jungle or roam to help his teammates.

Mid game: Akai can roam and gank enemies. Try to destroy the enemy to give your teammates a tower pushing advantage.

Late game: Akai needs to disrupt the enemy team with his crowd control skill. Move forward to withstand and make the enemy focus on you.


Passive helps Akai create a shield and increase damage. Combining with skill 1 will help Akai poke enemies easily.

After using skill 1 then use skill 2 to deal the most damage.

Try to use Akai’s ultimate to damage as many targets as possible.

Akai Build by Popularity

Popular Items:

35% win.

25% win.

22% win.

18% win.

Popular Boots:

1Tough Boots
Tough Boots
90% win
2Warrior Boots
Warrior Boots
7% win
3Rapid Boots
Rapid Boots
3% win

Popular Spell:

80% win
15% win
5% win

Popular Emblems:

1FirmnessSeasoned HunterConcussive Blast80% win
2InspireTenacityConcussive Blast15% win
3VitalitySeasoned HunterConcussive Blast5% win

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