Lapu Lapu Best Build 2024: Top 1 Global Mobile Legends

LapuLapu Best Build

Updated on Feb 2, 2024, 17:10 p.m. (GMT+8): Added relevant Lapu Lapu guides.

Lapu Lapu is a brave fighter and causes a lot of damage to his enemies. The skill set allows Lapu Lapu to rush into combat and quickly destroy target enemies.

Lapu Lapu is a melee Fighter used in EXP Lane with advantages in chase and burst. In order for Lapu Lapu to maximize her power in combat, you need to build suitable items for Lapu Lapu.

Lapu Lapu needs to build a balance between damage and defense. This build will help Lapu Lapu last longer in combat. We recommend you the following items: Tough Boots, Bloodlust Ax, Hunter Strike, Oracle, Malefic Roar, Queen’s Wings.

Tier: A

Role: Fighter

Damage type: Physical

Battle Points: 32000 | Diamonds: 599

Hero Attributes

Movement SPD 260HP 2626
Physical Attack 119Mana0
Magic Power0Attack Speed0.9
Physical Defense 21HP Regen7
Magical Defense10Mana Regen3.2

Lapu Lapu Best Spell

Lapu Lapu Best Items

Start Items:


Core Items:

Best build:

Spare items:

Lapu Lapu Best Emblems

Use Assassin Emblems for Lapu Lapu.

Lapu Lapu Best Emblems
Festival Of Blood
Brave Smite

Lapu Lapu Skill Guide

Passive: Homeland Defender
Homeland Defender
Lapu Lapu will have his basic attack enhanced and receive a shield.
Skill 1: Justice Blades
Justice Blades
Lapu Lapu will throw 2 boomerangs, causing damage to enemies hit and returning. Enemies hit by both boomerangs will receive 50% more damage from the second hit.
Skill 1: Land Shaker
Land Shaker
Lapu Lapu will chant a spell, slowing down enemies. Then smash the big sword on the ground, dealing physical da.mage and stunning enemies hit.
Skill 2: Jungle Warrior
Jungle Warrior
Lapu Lapu rushes in the direction of the enemy and deals physical damage to enemies along the way. 
Skill 2: Storm Sword
Storm Sword
Lapu Lapu swings his large sword to attack and deal physical damage to enemies. Lapu Lapu’s damage is reduced for each enemy champion hit.
Ultimate: Bravest Fighter
Bravest Fighter
Lapu Lapu jumps to the target location while combining both of his blades to deal physical damage and slow down enemies. Lapu Lapu will receive 3 times more blessings from this skill.
Ultimate: Raging Slash
Raging Slash
Lapu Lapu swings his large sword 3 times, dealing physical damage and being immune to crowd control.

Lapu Lapu Best Combo

Skill 1 + Skill 2 + Skill 3 + Skill 2 + Skill 1 + Skill 3.

Justice Blades + Jungle Warrior + Bravest Fighter + Storm Sword + Raging Slash

Skill 1 + Skill 2 + Skill 3 + Skill 1 + Skill 2 + Skill 3.

Justice Blades + Jungle Warrior + Bravest Fighter + Land Shaker + Storm Sword + Raging Slash

Lapu Lapu’s Skill Order

Skill Order123456789101112131415
Justice Bladesxxxxxx
Jungle Warriorxxxxxx
Bravest Fighterxxx

Extreme Threats With Lapu Lapu

Ideal Synergies With Lapu Lapu

Lapu Lapu needs to be combined with champions with wide area control skills such as: Diggie, Tigreal, Franco, Akai, Khufra, Vexana, Rafaela, Kadita.

Lapu Lapu Best Tips

Lapu Lapu Best Tips

Early game: Lapu Lapu is strong at the beginning of the game, you should actively attack to give yourself an advantage. Focus farm to buy necessary items.

Mid game: Lapu Lapu after getting the necessary items, he will become stronger. Actively push minions into enemy towers and roam to gank other lanes.

Late game: Lapu Lapu should focus damage on high priority targets in team fights.

Tactics: Lapu Lapu should take advantage of his ability to clear minions quickly, play overwhelmingly, and not be afraid to solo 1vs1.

Lapu Lapu Build by Popularity

Popular Items:

35% win.

25% win.

22% win.

18% win.

Popular Boots:

1Tough Boots
Tough Boots
90% win
2Warrior Boots
Warrior Boots
7% win
3Rapid Boots
Rapid Boots
3% win

Popular Spell:

80% win
15% win
5% win

Popular Emblems:

1RuptureFestival Of BloodBrave Smite80% win
2RuptureFestival Of BloodKilling Spree15% win
3AgilityFestival Of BloodBrave Smite5% win

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