Natalia Best Build 2024: Top 1 Global Mobile Legends

Natalia Best Build

Updated on Mar 29, 2024, 16:49 p.m. (GMT+8): Added relevant Natalia guides.

Natalia can hide and appear suddenly to attack enemies. She has high damage, flexible movement and good ganks to create chaos in the enemy team.

Natalia is a melee Assassin used in jungling and roaming with advantages in chase and finisher. In order for Natalia to maximize her power in combat, you need to build suitable items for Natalia.

Natalia will maximize her power with items that increase physical damage, penetrate physical armor, deal damage based on % HP and movement speed.

Tier: A

Role: Assassin

Damage type: Physical

Battle Points: 32000 | Diamonds: 599

Hero Attributes

Movement SPD 260HP 2589
Physical Attack 121Mana486
Magic Power0Attack Speed0.886
Physical Defense 18HP Regen7
Magical Defense10Mana Regen3.2

Natalia Best Spell

Natalia Best Items

Start Items:


Core Items:

Best build:

Spare items:

Natalia Best Emblems

Use Assassin Emblems for Natalia.

Natalia Best Emblems
Master Assassin
Lethal Ignition

Natalia Skill Guide

Passive: Assassin Instinct
Assassin Instinct
Skill 1: Claw Dash
Claw Dash
(Mobility, AOE)
Skill 2: Smoke Bomb
Smoke Bomb
(Buff, Slow)
Ultimate: The Hunt
The Hunt
(Conceal, Buff)

Natalia Best Combo

(Poke): Passive + Skill 1.

Assassin Instinct + Claw Dash

Passive + Skill 1 + Skill 3 + Passive + Skill 1 + Execute.

Assassin Instinct + Claw Dash + The Hunt + Assassin Instinct + Claw Dash + Execute

Passive + Skill 3 + Passive + Skill 1 + Skill 1 + Skill 2.

Assassin Instinct + The Hunt + Assassin Instinct + Claw Dash + Claw Dash + Smoke Bomb

Natalia’s Skill Order

Skill Order123456789101112131415
Claw Dashxxxxxx
Smoke Bombxxxxxx
The Huntxxx

Extreme Threats With Natalia

Ideal Synergies With Natalia

Natalia often combines well with:

Natalia Best Tips

Early game: Try to get to level 4 as soon as possible. Natalia should rob the jungle or ambush to gain an advantage during this phase.

Mid game: Natalia needs to move to gank weak targets.

Late game: Avoid team fights and focus on destroying single targets.


Natalia should focus damage on enemies with low health or enemies that cause the main damage of the enemy team.

Passive will help Natalia move more flexibly, easily gank enemies.

Skill 1 can help Natalia escape or chase enemies.

Skill 2 can block damage from enemies and turrets.

Natalia Build by Popularity

Popular Items:

35% win.

25% win.

22% win.

18% win.

Popular Boots:

1Rapid Boots
Rapid Boots
90% win
2Swift Boots
Swift Boots
7% win
3Tough Boots
Tough Boots
3% win

Popular Spell:

80% win
15% win
5% win

Popular Emblems:

1RuptureMaster AssassinLethal Ignition80% win
2RuptureSeasoned HunterLethal Ignition15% win
3RuptureMaster AssassinKilling Spree5% win

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