Terizla Build 2024: Best Items, Emblems in Mobile Legends

Terizla Best Build

Updated on Feb 3, 2024, 17:59 p.m. (GMT+8): Added relevant Terizla guides.

Terizla has a strong start, easily jumping into combat and causing many difficulties for the enemy. Terizla can absorb a lot of damage in combat thanks to him passive.

Terizla is a melee Fighter used in EXP Lane with advantages in burst and crowd control. In order for Terizla to maximize her power in combat, you need to build suitable items for Terizla.

The best build for Terizla is to attack and defend: Bloodlust Ax, Tough Boots, War Ax, Queen’s Wings, Oracle, Immortality.

Tier: A

Role: Fighter

Damage type: Physical

Battle Points: 32000 | Diamonds: 599

Hero Attributes

Movement SPD 255HP 2728
Physical Attack 129Mana430
Magic Power0Attack Speed0.8
Physical Defense 19HP Regen10.8
Magical Defense10Mana Regen4.2

Terizla Best Spell

Terizla Best Items

Start Items:


Core Items:

Best build:

Spare items:

Terizla Best Emblems

Use Assassin Emblems for Terizla.

Terizla Best Emblems
Festival Of Blood
Festival of Blood
Terizla will have increased spell vamp.
Increases enemy penetration.
Brave Smite
Brave Smite
Terizla will restore HP after using skills.

Terizla Skill Guide

Passive: Body of Smith
Body of Smith
Terizla takes damage reduction for %HP lost. Terizla will convert attack speed into physical damage.
Skill 1: Revenge Strike
Revenge Strike
(AOE, Speed Up)
Terizla cracks the ground with her hammer, dealing physical damage and slowing enemies hit.
Skill 2: Execution Strike
Execution Strike
(Burst, Slow)
Terizla will wave her hammer in a fan-shaped area, attacking 3 times, dealing physical damage, and enemies will be slowed if hit.
Ultimate: Penalty Zone
Penalty Zone
Terizla jumps to the designated area, dealing AOE damage and slowing enemies.

Terizla Best Combo

Skil 1 + Skill 2 + Skill 2 + Skill 2.

Revenge Strike + Execution Strike + Execution Strike + Execution Strike

Skill 3 + Skill 1 + Skill 2 + Skill 2 + Skill 2 + Basic Attack.

Penalty Zone + Revenge Strike + Execution Strike + Execution Strike + Execution Strike + AA

Skill 2 + SKill 2 + Skill 1 + Skill 3 + Skill 2.

Execution Strike + Execution Strike + Revenge Strike + Penalty Zone + Execution Strike

Skill 2 + Skill 2 + Flicker + Skill 3 + Skill 1.

Execution Strike + Execution Strike + Flicker + Penalty Zone + Revenge Strike

Terizla’s Skill Order

Skill Order123456789101112131415
Revenge Strikexxxxxx
Execution Strikexxxxxx
Penalty Zonexxx

Extreme Threats With Terizla

Terizla is easily destroyed by: Valir, Guinevere, Karrie.

Ideal Synergies With Terizla

Terizla often combines well with: Hylos, Gatotkaca, Atlas.

Terizla Gameplay

Terizla Gameplay

Early game: Terizla should focus on farming in the early game, and only face the enemy head-on once have the Bloodlust Axe. You will then have the HP advantage when fighting the enemy heroes.

Mid-late game: Terizla should try to use his Ultimate only when enemy heroes are grouped together. Since he only has this one movement ability, the landing position will determine whether his 2nd skill can hit more enemies.


The fissure caused by Terizla’s 1st skill deals heavy damage to low-HP heroes after a short delay. He should either lower the target’s HP before the fissure takes effect or prioritize low HP targets to maximize the damage of the skill.

Terizla can cast Flicker during before his ultimate lands to adjust its landing are and catch the enemy guard.

Terizla Build by Popularity

Popular Items:

35% win.

25% win.

22% win.

18% win.

Popular Boots:

1Tough Boots
Tough Boots
90% win
2Warrior Boots
Warrior Boots
7% win
3Rapid Boots
Rapid Boots
3% win

Popular Spell:

80% win
15% win
5% win

Popular Emblems:

1RuptureFestival Of BloodBrave Smite80% win
2RuptureFestival Of BloodLethal Ignition15% win
3VitalityFestival Of BloodBrave Smite5% win

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